Currently I am a Lead Software Engineer @CommerceHub focusing on ensuring that customers can quickly and easily onboard to our platform, starting from the ground up.

For a while I was a full stack Software Engineer currently working in the E-Commerce space @CommerceHub to help revolutionize how big retailers do inventory management. After spending a few years in this space, on both the inventory and order management sides, I know what is needed to have a successful commerce platform. From the engineering side, I am also very comfortable with creating systems from scratch and managing those systems as they grow into production ready services.

Before working at CommerceHub, I interned @AWS where I helped to increase their server side performance through software load balancing, with a focus on TLS termination and code performance.

While attending the University at Albany, SUNY for my B.S. in Computer Science, I worked @ViaTalk where I was responsible for customer satisfaction and service uptime across a couple dozen servers running various Linux operating systems and VoIP applications.

I also was able to participate first as a student and then as a mentor in Ernst and Young’s Trajectory Program. While in the program as a student, I devised and developed a systematic approach to scoring the relationship between financial institutions and their third parties, implemented in an easy to use online interface.

During the year as a mentor, I was responsible for supervising the weekly phone meeting between members of the Regulation Requirements team and the point of contacts at EY. Also advised the Regulation Requirements team on their weekly deliverables, ensuring that all deliverables were sent fully completed and had met all requirements.

Finally, in 2016 I was able to help prepare a live demonstration for the NYS Cyber Security Conference on the potential vulnerabilities found in the modern Android operating system, during which it was shown how dangerous unsafe applications can really be.