Doug’s Homepage

Welcome to my personal homepage. This is my throwback to the earlier days of the web, where everyone tracked the things they cared about on their own handmade website. This goes against the grain of the normal blog focused website, but I think it works for me.

To learn more about me, please visit the about page. For things that I’ve read recently on the internet and have found interesting please take a look at the good reads page.

For now I am still learning how org mode works, but I am using it to create this website that you are looking at right now. Eventually I hope to use it to more automatically publish these thoughts.

I am also slowly going through the book Simply Scheme in order to learn Scheme, a variant of lisp. Eventually I will also go through SCIP. You can track my progress through Simply Scheme on the dedicated Simply Scheme page.

For a full list of things written on this website please see the sitemap page.

Author: Doug Skinner


Created: 2022-01-17 Mon 11:24