Org Mode

Learning Org mode

Working with Mark Up

  • Example text syntax
    • bold
    • italic
    • underlined
    • code
    • verbatim
    • strike through

Working with the outline

  • Sections can be folded and unfolded by pressing tab
  • Sections can be moved up or down in the outline with option-up/down
  • Sections can be indented or outdented in the outline with option-left/right
  • To add another section at the same level as the previous option-enter
  • Insert links with control-c control-l

Working with Todo items

  • shift-left and shift-right to cycle through the possible todo states.
    • These todo states are defined in my .spacemacs config
  • To see all non-done todos across all org files in this repo: space a o t
  • To archive done todo items control-c control-x control-a

    By default this moves the item to a file with the same file name appended with _archive

  • To toggle an item between all possible todo states while within in control-c control-t

Working with Agenda

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • To open the agenda control-c a
    • To add document to the list of agenda files control-c [
    • To remove document from the list of agenda files control-c ]
    • To add a date control-c .
    • To add a time and a date control-u control-c .
    • To stop what you are doing and abort the current action control-g

Export the file

  • To export the file to html and open in type control-c control-e h o
  • To include a generated Table of contents for a specific file

    #+OPTIONS: toc:t

  • To set the email address on export files:

    (setq org-export-with-email '

  • To have the publish function reprocess all files ignoring timestamps

    (setq org-publish-use-timestamps-flag nil)

  • To setup a proper org publish project (rather than single files)

    More documentation available in the org manual

    (setq org-publish-project-alist
             :base-directory "~/repos/"
             :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html
             :publishing-directory "~/public_html"
             :exclude ".*/private/.*"
             :auto-sitemap t
             :makeindex t
             :section-numbers nil
             :with-toc nil
             :html-head "<link rel=\"stylesheet\"

Running code

  • Running shell code

    To Run shell commands within an org file and then type control-c control-c

     echo $(date)
  • Running scheme code

    To run scheme commands, type the following and then run contrl-c control-c with your cursor on the last line

    (+ 1 2)

Author: Doug Skinner


Created: 2022-01-11 Tue 10:02